API Methods

HEScore Scoring Tool API Methods


The table includes a list of all the API methods available for the HEScore Tool. These descriptions apply to the current version (v2017). Changes from the 2015 version are provided here.

API MethodDescription
submit_addressCreates a new building and returns its building_id.
submit_inputsSubmits or modifies a set of inputs for a building previously created with the submit_address or submit_hpxml_inputs methods.
submit_hpxml_inputsCreates a new building from a set of building inputs created in HPXML and returns its building_id.
validate_inputsValidates that all inputs are correct using a set of input validation rules. Returns a status for each input that is either missing or not valid.
calculate_base_buildingCalculates the base building score
calculate_base_building_poll Checks the status of a base building calculation
calculate_package_building Calculates a package building score that combines all of the recommended upgrades.
calculate_package_building_pollChecks the status of a package building calculation
commit_resultsFinalizes the model inputs configuration of a created building assessment. Upon a successful submit, the submitted building_id will be locked to prevent further changes to the model.
generate_labelInitiates the label generation (PDF document) for a successfully calculated home scoring assessment.
retrieve_inputsReturns a list of the submitted inputs for an already created building assessment.
retrieve_label_resultsReturns a list of the Label results for a successfully calculated home scoring assessment.
retrieve_extended_resultsReturns an extended list of additional results in addition to the official Label results returned by retrieve_label_results().
retrieveReturns the full set of Scoring Tool building energy calculation results.
retrieve_recommendationsReturns a list of the upgrade recommendations included in the package building as determined by calculate_package_building().
retrieve_buildings_by_idReturns a list of buildings for a specified Qualified Assessor (QA) number.
delete_buildings_by_idRemoves one or more specified buildings from the user's list of home assessments in the database.
archive_buildings_by_idTags one or more home assessments in the database as being archived.
retrieve_buildings_by_addressReturns the "Assessment Date" and the "Location" information for a specified address.

Additional files

Because of the complexity of the Home Energy Score WSDL, when using PHP, the NuSOAP library is required. We offer this build that corrects for a bug which affects HEScore calls when using the regular NuSOAP distribution package.

transform.xsl is a small file that strips the name spaces from elements and attributes by only copying the local part of their names. If this is not present or not addressed correctly, an error will be returned: "String could not be parsed as XML."