Similar to generate_label, except that rather than allowing the API to automatically create a Home Energy Score label, this method allows a label PDF that was created by a client application to be uploaded. In order to retrieve the values required to generate a label, you should use the API's retrieve_* methods.


 session_token Get from the get_session_token methodstringYes 
user_keyAPI key for accessstringYes
 building_id ID of building for which the label is to be uploaded intYes 
 pdf_base64 The PDF file to be uploaded, in base 64 form string Either this or pdf_url is required 
 pdf_url A URL pointing to the PDF file to be uploaded    Either this or pdf_base64 is required 
 is_final Pass this as "true" if the label to be uploaded is a "final" label that shows only the home as-is rather than including upgrade suggestions. boolean No true or false (treated as false if not passed)
 custom_building_id Pass this if the label to be uploaded is a "custom" label that compares two building records rather than relying on the information generated by calculate_package_building. int No 


This method's response is identical to the response of the generate_label method.


Method access is limited by the roles assigned the user to whom the session token was assigned

AssessorMust be the assessor who created both buildings
PartnerNo access
 Admin Allowed to generate label for any buildings