Retrieves all fields returned by retrieve_inputs, retrieve_label_results and retrieve_extended_results, combined together into a CSV file.  A URL pointing to the CSV file is then e-mailed to the user who made the request.  


Name Description Type Required Options
 session_token  Get from the get_session_token method string Yes  
user_key API key for access string Yes
 start_date  Earliest date for which to export label results  string - formatted like "2000-12-31" Yes  
 end_date Latest date for which to export label results string - formatted like "2000-12-31" Yes 
 exclude_user_ids Comma-separated list of user IDs of assessors whose labels should be excluded from the results. string Yes 
 exclude_assessment_ids Comma-separated list of assessment types to exclude from the results string Yes 1: initial
 2: final
 3: qa
 4: alternative
 5: test
 6: corrected
 7: hypothetical
 8: inspection
 9: audit
 10: design
 11: other
 12: mentor
 is_async If true, the request will run asynchronously. Results will be e-mailed to the logged-in user regardless of this field's value. boolean Yes 0 or 1


Element Description
status 0: failure
1: success
url Contains the URL of the generated export file if is_async is false and the call succeeded.

Contains a message indicating the e-mail address that the results will be sent to if is_async is true and the call succeeded.

Otherwise (if the call failed) this field contains an error message.


Method access is limited by the roles assigned the user to whom the session token was assigned

AssessorNo access
PartnerNo access
 Admin Access allowed