Allows a set of HPwES (Home Performance With Energy Star) properties to be stored for a building.


Name Description Type Required Options
 session_token  Get from the get_session_token method string Yes  
user_key API key for access string Yes  
 building_id  The building for which to retrieve HPwES information  string Yes  

Note that all response elements are nillable and will be set to nil if no HPwES information has been provided for the requested building.

Element Description
 improvement_installation_start_date  The date on which HPwES upgrade installation began, in YYYY-MM-DD format
 improvement_installation_completion_date The date on which HPwES upgrade installation was completed, in YYYY-MM-DD format
 contractor_zip_code Five-digit postal code of the contractor installing the HPwES upgrades
 contractor_business_name The name of the contracting business installing the HPwES upgrades 
 is_income_eligible_program Whether or not the HPwES upgrades were performed for a homeowner participating in an income-eligible program


Any logged-in user can access this method