Retrieves the status of a single building


user_keyAPI key for accessstringYes
 user_name The user ID name of the user to log in  string Yes
 building_id The ID of the building whose status is to be retrieved integer Yes


statusintitializing - The building has been created but calculate_base_building has not been called for the building's current values
base_calculated - calculate_base_building has been run for the building's current values, but they are not yet locked
locked - commit_results has been called and the building's inputs are now locked in and cannot be changed
completed - calculate_package_building has been run - labels may now be generated for the building
deleted - The building has been marked "deleted" by a call to delete_buildings_by_id
none - A special status that is assigned to buildings that predate the building status feature. They will be assigned a status if any operation is performed on them.


For obvious reasons, this method can be accessed by anyone without restriction