Performs validation of a building's inputs


 session_token Get from the get_session_token methodstringYes 
user_keyAPI key for accessstringYes
 building_id ID of building to validate intYes 


One validation_message object is returned for each field that did not pass validation. If this collection is empty, then generate_label can be called for the building.

validation_messageResponse contains a collection of these elements, each describing the validation result for a single field
     field The name of the field that provoked this message
     type mandatory: This field is empty but is required to generate a label
 error: This field contains a prohibited value
 blocker: This field contains a prohibited value that our system is not able to handle. It should not actually be possible to get this message type, because this method validates values in a building that has already been persisted. It is included in this documentation for the sake of completeness, as it is a message type that can be returned by the underlying validation engine.
     message A description of the validation rule that has been violated


Method access is limited by the roles assigned the user to whom the session token was assigned

AssessorMust be the assessor who created the building
PartnerAccess is allowed for buildings associated with the partner
 Admin Access is allowed
 QA Provider Access is allowed for QA Providers associated with the building