Returns all of the calculated results needed for the label.


user_keyAPI key for accessstring32Yes
building_idID of building to validateint


addressStreet address
stateState code (AK, CA, etc.)
zip_codeUSPS Zip Code
conditioned_floor_areaConditioned floor area
year_builtYear building was constructed
cooling_presentDoes the building have air conditioning (1=Yes, 0=No)
base_scoreScore of the base building (1-10)
package_scoreScore of the package building (1-10)
cost_savingsDifference in utility costs between the base and package buildings ($)
assessment_typeType of assessment
assessment_dateDate assessment was done
label_numberLabel number
qualified_assessor_idID of the assessor who performed the assessment
hescore_versionVersion of HEScore API used to calculate the score
utility_electricElectricity use for the base building (kWh)
utility_natural_gasNatural gas use for the base building (therms)
utility_fuel_oilFuel oil use for the base building (gallons)
utility_lpgLPG use for the base building (gallons)
utility_cord_woodCord wood use for the base building (cords)
utility_pellet_woodPellet wood use for the base building (pounds)
utility_generatedElectricity generated by the base building (kWh)
source_energy_totalTotal source energy use of the base building (MBtu)
source_energy_assetAsset (heating, cooling, hot water) source energy use of the base building (MBtu)
  • The following elements will be Null if the package building has not been calculated (using the calculate_package_building method):
    • package_score
    • cost_savings
  • Utility energy elements will be 0 if that fuel was not used in the building


Error TextMeaning
 API key is not authorized You need to submit a valid API key
 No building found for building_id ##### You need to submit a valid building_id
 Label results not found for building_id #### The building results have not been calculated or committed