Tags one or more home assessments in the database as being archived.  The main point of this is that the "archived" attribute is one of the attributes a home can be filtered on in the retrieve_buildings_by_id and retrieve_buildings_by_partner methods, the intent being that a GUI can allow a user to hide buildings that are no longer of interest.


Name Description Type Required Options
 session_token  Get from the get_session_token method string Yes  
user_key API key for access string Yes
 buildings  IDs of buildings to archive, separated by "|"  string Yes  
 archive  0: Set the buildings to "not archived"
 1: Set the buildings to "archived"
boolean Yes  


Element Description
status false: failure
true: success
error_message Error message returned if status=false


Method access is limited by the roles assigned the user to whom the session token was assigned

AssessorThe logged-in user must own all requested buildings
PartnerNo access
 Admin No access