Retrieves a detailed, month-by-month breakdown of the simulation results for each piece of energy-consuming equipment in the home


 session_token Get from the get_session_token methodstringYes
user_keyAPI key for accessstringYes
 building_id ID of building to retrieve intYes


idThe ID of the building 
 building_configuration_id The database ID of the building configuration that resulted in these results (primarily useful for HES developers)
 Number of units of the resource type that are consumed in the time period
     period_type "month" or "year"
     period_number If period_type is "year", this field is 0, otherwise it is 1-12, corresponding to the month
     end_use Describes the purpose (heating, cooling, etc) for which the resource was consumed
     resource_type Describes the type of resource (electricity, wood, etc) consumed
     units Describes the units used in the quantity field


Method access is limited by the roles assigned the user to whom the session token was assigned

AssessorMay only call for buildings created by the Assessor
PartnerMay only call for buildings created by an Assessor associated with the same Partner
 Admin May call for any building