Creates a new building from a set of building inputs created in HPXML (taking the place of both submit_address and submit_inputs) and returns a building_id. The HPXML must be converted to a Base 64 encoded payload.  Although you can specify more than one building in the HPXML format only one building may be loaded with each call.  By default the first building will be loaded.

Example HPXML Files:


    Name Description Type Required
     session_token  Get from the get_session_token method string Yes
    user_key API key for access string Yes
     hpxml_building_id  Which Building/BuildingID in hpxml to convert if there is more than one Building element. If not passed, the first building will be converted. string No
     hpxml  HPXML inputs (encoded in Base64 format)

     The mapping of HPXML to Home Energy Score inputs is here

     Address must be checked using a geocoding service to be a valid address before submission
    string Yes


    Element Description
    building_id The ID of the building created
     result  "OK" or "Fail"
     message  Success or error message depending on the value of the result field


    Method access is limited by the roles assigned the user to whom the session token was assigned

    Role Access
    AssessorAccess allowed
    Partner Access not allowed
     Admin  Access not allowed