The submit_inputs method modifies a set of inputs for a building previously created with the submit_address method. Once all inputs are complete they can be validated using the validate_inputs method. Valid buildings can then be run and a label document generated by calling generate_label.

Extensive documentation of the Home Energy Score validation rules for values submitted to this method is available here.


  • The full input set does not need to be complete until the calculation step - you can submit and modify multiple times. 
  • An element may be unset by setting xsd:nil="true". For example, to unset the window_area element submit <window_area xsd:nil="true"/>. You must also be sure to specify the xsd namespace: <submit_inputsRequest xmlns:xsd="">
  • The assembly codes for walls, roof, ceiling, windows and skylights are documented here.
  • Most of the building inputs are required to be entered before a calculation can be performed. 
  • The Required column in the following pages refers to whether an input is required to be entered for the submit_inputs method.
  • The building inputs are contained in three top level elements: about, zone, and systems, arranged as follows:


Element Description
building_inputs See the retrieve_inputs method for a description of this object


Text Meaning
 API key is not authorized  You need to submit a valid API key
 No building found for building_id ####  You need to submit a valid building_id
 Building #### is locked  The submitted building id has had a score generated and so the inputs are locked
 Schema Validation Failed  One of the XML elements is not valid (see subsequent message)