Becoming a Software Partner

The Home Energy Scoring Tool Application Program Interface is available for access by an authorized HEScore Software Partner.

  1. Review the documentation to ensure your technical team is capable of working with the API.
  2. Applicants must obtain the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) permission to apply for a license by sending an e-mail request to: .
  3. After receiving DOE approval, you will receive an HEScore account and be issued an evaluation API Key. The key will be visible when users log in to their accounts on the site. Scores generated using the Evaluation License will be watermarked "Unofficial."
  4. After your application is tested and approved by DOE, the HEScore Administrator will allow your API Key to be used to access the production HEScore database. Your application can now be used by HEScore Partners and their associated Assessors to generate home energy scores.

Getting started - Some tips for developing your Home Energy Score application

Once you've received your evaluation API Key, the following information may be helpful to you in developing your Home Energy Score application.

  1. Information regarding the three HES API environments is available under API Definitions. This page also provides a standard sequence of requests used to define a building and generate a Home Energy Score Label.
  2. For developing and debugging your application, we strongly recommend using a tool that allows you to directly edit and submit SOAP requests. The Home Energy Score API team uses the free SoapUI tool (available at SoapUI can automatically generate sample requests for every method defined by a WSDL file, which greatly simplifies the process of authoring SOAP requests.
  3. If you have any questions or problems in developing your application, please send them to If at all possible, when submitting an error report, please include the XML of the SOAP request that triggered the error - that is by far the easiest way for our engineers to reproduce your problem and track down the issue.