Creates a new building from a set of building inputs created in HPXML. The HPXML must be converted to a Base 64-encoded payload.

The API supports HPXML versions 2 and 3, but support for older versions is present only for supporting legacy users who have not yet updated their software, and it is strongly recommended that new applications generate the latest supported version of HPXML.

Although you can specify more than one building in the HPXML format, only one building may be loaded with each call.  By default the first building will be loaded.

The HPXML standard is maintained by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), which maintains excellent documentation for the format at The Data Dictionary at that site includes an indication at right, under "Use Cases/Standard Data Sets", of which elements are used by Home Energy Score. The site also features a validator that can be used to check an HPXML document to confirm that it is valid for the Home Energy Score use case, which can be very helpful when developing software that generates HPXML.

Example HPXML files can be found in the examples directory of NREL's hescore-hpxml project, but be sure to check the schemaVersion attribute of the HPXML element to make sure you're using an example file for the newest version of the HPXML standard.




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