Technical Notes


- National Residential Efficiency Measures Database: Retrofit cost data embedded in the application programming interfaces is provided by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

- Energy calculation methods: A synopsis of the engineering methods can be found here.

Home Energy Saver

A comprehensive summary of the broader Home Energy Saver, or HES, system calculation methodology, data, and infrastructure is available here.

- Graphing: Currently, a licensed Google Chart API generates the bar charts on the Compare pages. API users need to independently license and implement that API or select another graphing function.

- Google Map not included in APIs: However, users are welcome to open the HES version in conjunction with their own sites. That link is:

- Release notes: A summary of HES release notes are here.

- Known issues: Known HES issues are logged here.

Home Energy Scoring Tool

- Energy calculation methods: Methods unique to the HEScore Tool are documented here.

- Release notes: A summary of HEScore release notes are here.

- Known issues: Known HEScore issues are logged here.