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The zone_roof element is a child of the zone element. You can submit one or two instances of the zone_roof element. 
NameDescriptionTypeLengthRequiredOptions / Range
roof_nameName of this roof instancestring20Yesroof1, roof2
roof_areaArea of this roof elementfloatNo1 - 25,000
roof_assembly_codeRoof construction assembly codestring20NoOptions
roof_colorColor of roof exterior surfacestring20Nowhite, light, medium, medium_dark, dark, cool_color
roof_absorptanceAbsorptance of exterior surface
(only used if roof_color is cool_color)
floatNo0 - 1
roof_typeType of roof string20Novented_attic, cond_attic, cath_ceiling
ceiling_assembly_codeCeiling construction assembly code
(required unless roof_type is cath_ceiling)
zone_skylightInputs about the skylights on this roofelementNo0 - 1 instance
  • You must submit roof_name so that the correct instance is changed.
  • The sum of the two roof_area values should equal the total roof area of the building
  • The definition of the roof_type options is as follows:
 vented_attic An unconditioned attic ventilated to code
 cond_attic A conditioned attic space above the main living area
 cath_ceiling Cathedral ceiling - an unvented insulated roof