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The zone_floor element is a child of the zone element. You can submit one or two instances of the zone_floor element. 
NameDescriptionTypeLengthRequiredOptions / Range
floor_nameName of this floor instancestring20Yesfloor1, floor2
floor_areaArea of this foundation typeintNo1 - 25,000
foundation_typeType of foundationstring20Nouncond_basement, cond_basement, vented_crawl, unvented_crawl, slab_on_grade
foundation_insulation_levelFoundation wall / slab edge insulation R-value (sf-hr-°F/Btu)intNo0 - 19
floor_assembly_codeFloor construction assembly code
(only used if foundation_type is not slab_on_grade)
  • You must submit floor_name so that the correct instance is changed.
  • The sum of the two floor_area values should equal the total floor area of the building