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The hvac_distribution element is a child of the hvac element. You can submit up to 3 instances of the hvac_distribution element for each hvac instance.
NameDescriptionTypeLengthRequiredOptions / Range
nameName of distribution systemstring20Yesduct1, duct2, duct3
locationLocation of distribution system string20Nocond_space, uncond_basement, unvented_crawl, vented_crawl, uncond_attic
fractionFraction of total duct lengthintNo0 - 100
insulatedAre the ducts insulated?intNo1=yes, 0=no
sealedAre the ducts sealed?intNo1=yes, 0=no
  • The name element must be submitted in order to identify the correct instance of hvac_distribution
  • The sum of the fraction values for all three instances must equal 100
  • The following heating and cooling types must have a distribution system: central_furnace, heat_pump, gchp, split_dx