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The cooling element is a child of the hvac element. You can only submit one instance of the cooling element for each hvac instance.
NameDescriptionTypeLengthRequiredOptions / Range
typeCooling equipment typestring20Nopackaged_dx, split_dx, heat_pump, gchp, dec, mini_split, none
efficiency_methodMethod to determine cooling efficiencystring20Nouser, shipment_weighted
yearYear equipment was manufactured
(only used if efficiency_method is shipment_weighted)
intNo1970 - current year
efficiencyEfficiency of cooling equipment
(only used if efficiency_method is user)
floatNo8 - 40
  • The type options are defined as follows:
 type Definition
 package_dx Window air conditioner
 split_dx Central air conditioner
 heat_pump Central air source heat pump
 gchp Ground coupled heat pump
 mini_split Mini split heat pump
 dec Direct evaporative cooler
 none No cooling system

  • If type is set to heat_pump, gchp, or mini_split then the submitted heating/type must either match or be set to none.
  • The type element determines possible values and ranges of the other elements in cooling as follows:
  •  typeefficiency_method year efficiency range  efficiency units
     split_dx, heat_pump any 1970 - present 8 - 40 SEER
     packaged_dx any 1970 - present 8 - 40 EER
     gchp user n/a 8 - 40 EER (ARI-330)
     mini_split user n/a 8 - 40 SEER
     none, dec n/a n/a n/a