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Validates that all required inputs are set and are correct using a set of input validation rules. The inputs are also validated by default when the calculate_base_building method is run.
user_keyAPI key for accessstring32Yes
building_idID of building to validateint


xpathPath to input element
statusReturned status: 1 (not valid), 2 (missing)
error_messageError message returned if status=1

The validate_inputs method returns an array of validate_inputs_results which contains an xpath and status for each input that is either missing or not valid. If status of the input is 2 the input is missing but is not required. If status of the input is 1 the input is not valid and an error_message is also returned. 


Error TextMeaning
 API key is not authorized You need to submit a valid API key
 No building found for building_id ##### You need to submit a valid building_id