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This is the first method called when starting a new session. It takes an address, creates a default building, and returns its building_id. The building_id is required for calling any of the subsequent modeling API methods.
Name Description Type Length Required Options
user_key API key for access string 32 Yes
qualified_assessor_id ID of the assessor creating this building string 20 Yes
address Street address of the house string 255 Yes
city City string 40 Yes
state State code string 2 Yes AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, etc.
zip_code USPS Zip Code string 5 Yes 5 char string, not an int
assessment_type Assessment type for the house string 20 Yes initial, final, qa, alternative, test, corrected, mentor

  • Address must be checked using a geocoding service to be a valid address before submission
  • Assessment types:
Assessment TypePurpose
initialThe first run of a real house
finalA "test-out" run
qaQuality assurance duplicate run
alternativeThe upgrade house when using assessor determined improvements
testA run not meant to be provided to a homeowner
correctedIf errors were made in the initial run
mentorFor mentoring purposes


building_idID of the created building
messageBuilding #### successfully created


 API key is not authorized You need to submit a valid API key
 Assessor id #13456 is not valid You need to submit a valid qualified_assessor_id
 No weather file found for postal code ##### The submitted zip code does not appear to be valid. Check it using this USPS site.
 Schema Validation Failed One of the XML elements is not valid (see subsequent message)