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Returns a list of the upgrade recommendations included in the package building as determined by calculate_package_building.


user_keyAPI key for accessstring32Yes
building_idID of building to validateint

addressBuilding street address
stateState code
zip_codeUSPS Zip Code
carbon_savingsPackage carbon savings (%)
repair_now1-N upgrades to do now
   descriptionDescription of upgrade
   savingsAnnual utility bill savings ($/yr)
repair_later1-N upgrades to do at equipment replacement
   descriptionDescription of upgrade
   savingsAnnual utility bill savings ($/yr)

Description[value] / [type][number]
Repair now
Attic [number]: Increase attic floor insulation to at least R-[value]19,30,38,49,601,2
Basement/crawlspace [number]: Insulate the floor above unconditioned space to at least R-[value]11,19,25,381,2
Exterior walls: Insulate to at least R-13
Basement/crawlspace [number]: Insulate walls to R-[value]11,191,2
Air tightness: Have a professional seal the gaps and cracks that leak air into your home
Ducts [number]: Add insulation around ducts in unconditioned spaces to at least R-61,2
Ducts [number]: Have your ducts professionally sealed to reduce leakage1,2
Replace later
Roof [number]: Pick materials that have high solar reflectance (a "cool roof") and an ENERGY STAR label1,2
Roof [number]: Add rigid insulation sheathing1,2
Siding: Add insulating sheathing underneath it to R-5
Skylights [number]: Pick ones with an ENERGY STAR label1,2
Windows: Pick ones with an ENERGY STAR label
[heat_type] [number]: Pick one with an ENERGY STAR labelFurnace, Boiler, Heat Pump1,2
[cool_type] [number]: Pick one with an ENERGY STAR labelRoom air conditioner, Central Air1,2
Water heater: Pick one with an ENERGY STAR label
Water heater: Pick a heat pump water heater with an ENERGY STAR label


Error TextMeaning
 API key is not authorized You need to submit a valid API key
 No building found for building_id ##### You need to submit a valid building_id