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Returns all of the calculated results needed for the label.


user_keyAPI key for accessstring32Yes
building_idID of building to validateint


addressStreet address
stateState code (AK, CA, etc.)
zip_codeUSPS Zip Code
conditioned_floor_areaConditioned floor area
year_builtYear building was constructed
cooling_presentDoes the building have air conditioning (1=Yes, 0=No)
base_scoreScore of the base building (1-10)
package_scoreScore of the package building (1-10)
cost_savingsDifference in utility costs between the base and package buildings ($)
assessment_typeType of assessment
assessment_dateDate assessment was done
label_numberLabel number
qualified_assessor_idID of the assessor who performed the assessment
hescore_versionVersion of HEScore API used to calculate the score
utility_electricElectricity use for the base building (kWh)
utility_natural_gasNatural gas use for the base building (therms)
utility_fuel_oilFuel oil use for the base building (gallons)
utility_lpgLPG use for the base building (gallons)
utility_cord_woodCord wood use for the base building (cords)
utility_pellet_woodPellet wood use for the base building (pounds)
utility_generatedElectricity generated by the base building (kWh)
source_energy_totalTotal source energy use of the base building (MBtu)
source_energy_assetAsset source energy use of the base building (MBtu)
  • The following elements will be Null if the package building has not been calculated (using the calculate_package_building method):
    • package_score
    • cost_savings
  • Utility energy elements will be 0 if that fuel was not used in the building
  • The source_energy_asset quantity is calculated as the sum of the heating, cooling, and hot water source energy use minus any generated (PV) site energy.


Error TextMeaning
 API key is not authorized You need to submit a valid API key
 No building found for building_id ##### You need to submit a valid building_id
 Label results not found for building_id #### The building results have not been calculated or committed