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Runs calculations for the base building (as input). This method can take up to 10 seconds to return. If a connection cannot be reliably maintained then the is_polling input should be set to True.


user_keyAPI key for accessstring32Yes
building_idID of building to calculateintYes
validate_inputsFlag to validate inputsbooleanNoTrue, False. Default is True.
log_typeDebugging flagsstringNoComma separated list. See notes below
is_pollingFlag to return response immediatelybooleanNoTrue, False. Default is False.

  • By default the validate_inputs method will be called before the calculations are performed. Only set validate_inputs to False if the inputs have been previously successfully validated.
  • If is_polling is set to True the method will return immediately and the status of the calculations may be checked by using the calculate_base_building_poll method.
  • The log_type is a developer input used for logging additional data for help with debugging. The input is a comma separate list of flags including any of the following:
    • LOG_XML - save the submitted and returned xml
    • LOG_INTERMEDIATE - save intermediate data to the intermediate_vars_log table
    • LOG_HOURLY - save hourly data files
    • LOG_BDL_SHOW - set the ##show BDL parameter
    • LOG_BDL_SHOW_DETAIL - set the ##showdetail BDL parameter
    • LOG_BDL_LIST - set the ##list BDL parameter
    • LOG_BDL_TRACEBACK - set the ##traceback BDL parameter
    • LOG_BDL_WRITE - set the ##write BDL parameter
    • LOG_BDL_SYMBOLTABLE - set the ##symboltable BDL parameter


resultOK, FAIL
messageBuilding ##### results calculated successfully (if is_polling set to False)
Calculating results for building #### (if is_polling set to True)
validate_inputs_resultsArray of validation errors if validation fails

If validation fails the method returns a validate_inputs_results element. See the validate_inputs method for a description of the returned data.


API key is not authorizedYou need to submit a valid API key
No building found for building_id #####You need to submit a valid building_id
Building ##### validation failedThe inputs failed validation. Look for inputs with status=1 in validate_inputs_results
FAIL doebdl failed with errors for run ####, see output fileAn error occurred in the simulation run, most likely due to bad inputs. Make sure that you have validate_inputs set to True. Otherwise, please contact support with the returned run #.