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Calculates the base building score.  After this call, retrieve_label_results and retrieve_extended_results will return results populated with the results of simulating the base building.  This method may be called multiple times after updating the building via submit_inputs.  However, once commit_results has been called, attempting to call this method again will result in an error.


 session_token Get from the get_session_token methodstringYes 
user_keyAPI key for accessstringYes
 building_id ID of building to calculate intYes 


resultFAIL or OK
 message If "result" is FAIL, contains an error message. If "result" is OK, then contains "Building #<building_id> results calculated successfully."
 validate_inputs_results See the documentation of the "validate_inputs" method. Only present if "result" is FAIL


Method access is limited by the roles assigned the user to whom the session token was assigned

AssessorMust be the assessor who created the building
PartnerMust be the partner associated with the assessor who created the building
 Admin Allowed to calculate any building