API Methods

HEScore Scoring Tool API Methods


The table includes a list of all the API methods available for the HEScore Tool. These descriptions apply to the current version (v2.0).

More detailed information about each method can be found in the pages of this section.

API Method Description
 archive_buildings_by_id Tags one or more home assessments in the database as being archived.
 building_ca_id Retrieves the user ID of the Assessor who created a given building 
 calculate_base_building Calculates the base building score
 calculate_package_building Calculates a package building score that combines all of the recommended upgrades.
 commit_results Locks a building to prevent further modifications. This must be called between calls to calculate_base_building and calculate_package_building.
 delete_buildings_by_id Removes one or more specified buildings from the user's list of home assessments in the database.
 destroy_session_token Submit a session token to have that token invalidated. This should be done whenever a user logs out of the system.
 generate_custom_label Variation of generate_label - takes two building IDs rather than one, and generates a label in which one building is considered to be the "package building" version of the other. This allows an assessor to generate a report with custom upgrades to a home. 
 generate_label Initiates the label generation (PDF document) for a successfully calculated home scoring assessment.
 get_session_token Begin a new session. This must be the first call made during any user session, as the session_token value returned by this method is required as a parameter of every other method. 
 get_user_info Get a set of information about a user, including their e-mail address and all roles they are assigned.
 retrieve_buildings_by_id Gets a list of buildings including basic information about each building, with the results filtered by a number of fields.
 retrieve_buildings_by_partner Identical to retrieve_buildings_by_id, except that it allows filtering by partner
 retrieve_extended_results Returns an extended list of additional results in addition to the official Label results returned by retrieve_results and retrieve_label_results.
 retrieve_inputs Returns the inputs that were submitted to create a given building
 retrieve_label_results Returns a list of the Label results for a successfully calculated home scoring assessment.
 retrieve_recommendations Returns a list of the upgrade recommendations included in the package building as determined by calculate_package_building().
 retrieve_results Returns the results of a building simulation.  The results are populated by calling calculate_base_building and calculate_package_building.
submit_address Creates a new building and returns its building_id.
submit_inputs Submits or modifies a set of inputs for a building previously created with the submit_address or submit_hpxml_inputs methods.
submit_hpxml_inputs Creates a new building from a set of building inputs created in HPXML and returns its building_id.
 user_exists Used to determine whether a given user ID is valid
validate_inputs Validates that all inputs are correct using a set of input validation rules.