Release History

The following is an ongoing log regarding the history of changes and updates to the 2015 Home Energy Scoring Tool. Major version changes to the scoring tool system are made annually, but continual bug fixes and improvements are released on a regular basis. Known issues not yet addressed are documented on the Known Issues page. The release history for the Home Energy Saver and Home Energy Saver Pro are documented here.

 Date  Release
 Type  Description
02/14/2017 v2017.0
HEScore API:
  • Equipment efficiency input ranges have been updated to better reflect BPI 2400. Third-party software providing out-of-range values to the API will receive an error. New input ranges have been documented on the 2017 API Method Changes page.
  • Submit_inputs updated to allow identification of a mini-split heat pump and evaporative coolers as HVAC units. Also, updated to provide photovoltaic information that would contribute to the overall score.
  • Submit_hpxml_inputs updated to v2.2. This provides HPXML definitions for mini-split heat pumps, evaporative coolers, and photovoltaic.
HEScore GUI:
  • Updated "Format A" Label to include yearly average cost by kBtu/ft2 and ft2.
  • Rework View Summary screen to provide more validation.
HEScore Administration:
  • Created Partner dashboard to better manage Partner-Assessor information.
  • Provided a "Find an Assessor" function that allows Partners to manage a public list of Assessors. Includes a web link for homeowners to Find an Assessor that can be referenced from DOE websites.
09/12/2016 v2015.9
HEScore API:
  • Submit_Address updated to return an "Assessor has been blocked" error when the "Qualified_Assessor_Id" has been "Blocked" in the HEScore administrative database
  • Generate_Label updated to address a bug in the custom output of a Comparison Label. The "Currently Wastes," "Could Save," and "Could Eliminate" values have been updated to provide comparative values.
 08/17/2016  v2015.9  Major
This release unifies modeling and administration features into a coordinated web-based system. This includes expanding the Home Energy Score Administration Tool to better differentiate between Software Providers, Partners, Assessors, Admins, and QA activities. 

Software Provider’s Administrative Dashboard:

  • Local management of Software Provider API_Keys
  • Broadcast message to Provider POC

Partner’s Administrative Dashboard:

  • Partner/Assessor management interface
  • Partner-specific Custom Label Configuration

HEScore API and Graphical User Interface:

  • Updated Partner Data Export CSV results
  • Updated Administrative Data Export CSV results
  • Expanded find/filter/sort capability in Assessor’s Dashboard
  • Integration of Custom Label definitions to provide three (3) formats for HEScore Labels

Modeling API Updates:

  • There are no major updates to the modeling capability.
  • Updates to NREL’s HPXML input codes were verified and moved to production.
  • Model "Bug" fixes performed and tracked by LBNL were verified and moved to production.
  • Any changes to the API are backwards compatible, i.e., no changes were made to the API parameters; existing third-party software should run as-is.
  • The "Sandbeta" system was added to enable review and verification of new feature updates without compromising the existing FY15 training and production services.
 05/31/2016  v2015R  Sandbox:
  • Modeling APIs provided by LBNL are being encapsulated, so future modeling bug fixes and features are quickly transferred, tested, and released.   
  • Extending the authorization portion of APIs to make it easier to manage Software Providers, HEScore Partners, and Assessors. This will allow the system to determine and convey access-related messages back to the Software Providers based on user’s role and the specific features and information that have access based on those roles.
  • HEScore Label Generation APIs and the HEScore Administration Tools are being expanded to provide multiple baseline template and Partner-customized labels. The Label Generation API call will have the same parameters, but it will use configuration parameters provided by the HEScore Partner and HEScore Administrator to apply label generation features. 
  • Unused API calls have been removed from the Sandbox WSDL. 
05/10/2016  v2015  Incremental
Unofficial labels are now watermarked “UNOFFICIAL” rather than “SAMPLE ONLY.”
04/12/2016  v2015  Incremental
Transferred LBNL update 110 to validate common walls in a townhome.
03/23/2016  v2015  Incremental
Updated the Admin tool to allow access to "Resources," "Marketing Suite," and "HEScore Partner Communication & Engagement Packet."
03/08/2016  v2015  Incremental
HEScore GUI to refine Better Building Label output
02/02/2016  v2015  Incremental
HESAdmin Tool: Better differentiate Software Providers and HEScore Partners
HEScore GUI: Fixed Help documentation to properly describe water heater types
01/13/2016  v2015  Incremental
HEScore Partner and Admin data export update to the CSV file format with simplified header names
11/20/2015  v2015  Major
Transition of HEScore from LBNL to PNNL