Known Issues

The following are known issues/bugs for the 2015 Home Energy Scoring Tool. Known issues for Home Energy Saver and Home Energy Saver Pro are on the HES Known Issues page.

Remedies for all are being pursued. If you find an error that is not listed please report it using the Contact Us link at Latest fixes are documented on theRelease History page

DateIDGUI/APIDescriptionSolution, work around, or date of resolution
Open Issues
  3/2/2017 140  API Second HVAC efficiency upgrade uses wrong heat type in description 
  2/13/2017 139  API solar_electric/array_azimuth element not nillable 
  12/21/2017 137  API Utility cost incorrect when generated electric is greater than total electric use 
  12/14/2016 135  API Negative asset source energy results in null score 
  12/7/2016 134  API Window area validation does not catch window area equal to wall area Window area validation does not catch window area equal to wall area
  11/4/2016 131  API submit_inputs() throws error when name element is set to nil Do not set any of the following name inputs to nil:
 roof_name, floor_name, zone_wall/side,  hvac_name, hvac_distribution/name
  11/3/2016 129  API Window areas are converted incorrectly by submit_hpxml_inputs() when OrientationOfFrontOfHome is set to a non-cardinal orientation 
  7/13/2016 116  API Update to water heater and heating efficiency input ranges 
  5/10/2016 108  API Townhouse window area converted incorrectly in submit_hpxml_inputs() 
4/14/2016106APIIf a common wall has window area set to non-zero value and window_method not set a run error will be returnedDo not set elements for common walls in townhouses
7/10/20145386APIOptional items in XSDs are inconsistently specifiedThis does not cause any problems at present, but will be improved for readability
2/12/20145220GUIHidden inputs can cause calculation errors.If an error is reported check if there are inputs that are hidden - e.g. if you provided a window spec or equipment efficiency and later changed to construction or year.
2/12/20145219BothRegional efficiencies for equipment have not yet been implemented; therefore all Energy Star furnace efficiencies use the southern region values.Will be included in the 2016 release
9/18/20134977GUIThe value for the input "Does the home have skylights?" is not independently persistent; If set to "Yes", but no area is entered will silently revert to "No", summary validation will not catch this.To keep this value be sure to set a skylight area, otherwise it will revert to "No"
5/11/20123038GUIDrop down options capitalization inconsistent
11/30/20112894GUIText in long help pop-ups extends above and below window